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Muddy Paws

So...I got very fed up with the interwebs today after buffooning about for a few hours. As a consequense I decided to go do some manual labour round the farm. I started out gathering black sacks and heading for remains of the illegal rubbish fire from the other day - and managed to clear the worst of it while smearing myself beyond belief in all sorts of lovely smelling remains. I felt welsh for a while.

Thus encouraged by the many wonders of dirt I headed on the garage and started clearing it out. Theres no end to the odd things stored inthere, and within an hour or so I had a huge pile of empty beer bottles, another pile of rubbish for the trashyard and a trailer full of stuff to be burned. In the proces I located heaps of old leather thingies for horses, microwaves, harpoons and heaps of unindentifiable objects of an unknown nature. Quite a little adventure :)

Sadly, in the proces I forgot to take the poor old Volvo to the mechanic. It blew a tire yesterday and Nick had to rescue it (and Mr. Temple) - and on top of that it needs the brakes fixed, a new exhaust and potentially some rust done. So it might not make it past its next mot the poor old workhorse...

Anyway...trying to catch a nap before swallowing some Heroes and/or Journeyman tonight. My preference is beyond doubt Journeyman - quite an interesting little series that one, while waiting for 4400, Jericho, Lost and Dexter. Who serioholic ?? :)
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