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Mouldy Adventures

Ah...that was christmas done with uphere in the cold swedish winter.
We had plenty of delicious food and a cosy evening all round. I got some very nice prezzies...a shirt and a sweater, a biography on The Boss, excellent stuff...and after the celebrations we got thoroughly pissed.

I hate brandy but somehow managed to share a bottle of it...the folks went to bed at 6am - me and my brother kept drinking, shouting and listening to music till 11 this morning...

Hellish hangover today...when i finally got up at 5...and back to bed for a couple of hours at 7....ouch ouch ouch...but at least it passes time quickly hahaha I do miss the farming folks, would be hyggelig to try a christmas there - but obviously thats a bit difficult...on the upside we´re plotting a christmas celebration part2 once im back on danish soil. Thatll be groovy :) (More prezzies, more more more)

Still havent met the bears or wolves, but I suspect theyre lurking outthere in the dark somewhere...

In other news - the swedish government has put a 30% tax on housesale profits (without any type of deductions if you loose money on the sale)...and thats on top of a tax thats higher than the outragious danish one...pure despicable nonsense in my opinion.

And finally a recipe: Find a mouldy old cheese (cheese never goes out of date, according to this hazardous theory). Mix the cheese with a load of brandy, enough to soak it completely - and mix the 2 carefully. Leave it to soak for 48hours. And voila, you have the smelliest and strongest cheese ever seen...and yeah, ive just seen them eat that shit...yikes lol

Well well...more merry xmas wishes to ya all...hope to see you all soon :)
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