thepainfiles (thepainfiles) wrote,

Hu Hey It Rains in Spain

Hu Hey It rains in Spain...and it didnt even fall on the plains. Well. It might have - but it also fell on the mountain, several cms of it in a mad thunderstorm last night that left us with no electricity for about 2hours (help help, no interwebs...the google was in hiding and we were in panic obviously).

Anyways...done the surroundings a world of good with some liquids from the sky. However, the spaniards had obviously never considered the concept of rain when they ventured into building a civilisation. Basically, they completely ignored any form of drains on the roads, which results in rivers running wild and deep in the streets...much to my amusement whilst driving about but equally a perfect design for aquaplanning, so i would probably be sligthly cranky if id actually been in a rush to go anywhere but sailing....

Ah well, were on top of the mountain - so we are sitting uphere laughing at the poor rich bloke at the bottom with his fancy villa thats now a sunken version of Noahs ark.

Enough with the rambling, heading into Second Life to dance around to the tunes of - currently playing Strawberry Slaughterhouse...Marvellous :)
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